Child Support and/or Spousal Support Payments

When you are in the process of applying for home loans, lenders want to know if you owe anything on child support and/or spousal support. This payment is considered as a monthly obligation/debt that will affect your ability for qualifying. If you currently have child/spousal support in arrears, most lenders require you to pay the amount owe up to current before they are willing to offer you a loan. The reason is because lenders do not want to risk having a judgment and/or a lien against the property when you continue to be late or not paying them.

 The following documents are required by lenders. In some cases, lenders might want you to provide both of them depending on different circumstances.

(1) a copy of your finalized/court approved divorce decree if you were married.

(2) Child support court order if you were not married along with a letter of explanation.

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